HBS Alumni Forum Services

Joining a Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forum

Alumni Forum Services (AFS) is working together with local chapters of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network to sponsor events that offer an introduction to Forum. AFS is also using social media to reach out to the alumni network and broadcast information about Forum.

Attend an event, respond to a social media notice, or fill out a Profile through the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forums website and a representative of Alumni Forum Services will contact you.

After submitting your Profile, the next steps include:

  • An informational webinar, or in-person meeting is hosted by Alumni Forum Services
  • Interested alumnus/alumnae are matched with an existing Forum; or a new Forum that is being launched
  • When the Forum is an existing Forum, current members will reach out to the prospective alumnus/alumnae to get acquainted over coffee or a lunch
  • A formal vetting process is conducted to check for conflicts that might preclude participation in the identified Forum
  • Once the vetting process is successfully complete, the prospective member will attend an Orientation session with a representative of Alumni Forum Services
  • The existing Forum and the prospective member will identify the first Meeting date. When there is a launch of a new Forum, all new members will agree upon a launch date and location. Prior to attending the first Forum meeting, the prospective member(s) submit the Orientation payment through the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forums website.
  • Regular monthly meetings begin. The new member is invoiced for the quarterly payment, or a prorated quarterly payment based on the start date.
  • AFS offers continuing training and support to both new members and established Forums through monthly check-in’s, or monthly webinars.

Contact us to learn how you can join a Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forum in your area.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Alumni Forums, click here.