HBS Alumni Forum Services

Bringing Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forums
to your area

Contact us to learn how you can bring Alumni Forums to your local area. Once Berkeley-Haas Alumni Relations determines there is sufficient interest, Alumni Forum Services (AFS) will help you get started:

  • Berkeley-Haas Alumni Relations sends a broadcast email (provided by AFS) to alumni in the region informing them about Alumni Forums and inviting participation.

  • An informational webinar or in-person meeting is hosted by Berkeley-Haas Alumni Relations and AFS.

  • Interested members complete a profile so AFS can sort and match alumni into appropriate Forums.

  • Alumni confirm interest in their proposed Forum, pay the initiation/orientation fee and confirm when they can attend an orientation session.

  • AFS leads Forum orientation sessions.

  • Regular monthly Alumni Forum meetings begin.

  • AFS continues to provide ongoing training and support to established Alumni Forums.

Joining a Berkeley-Haas Alumni Forum

To learn more about Alumni Forums, please click here to register your interest. You will then be asked to complete a brief profile so we can match you with an appropriate Forum of 8-12 fellow Berkeley-Haas alumni. If Alumni Forums are currently being formed in your area, when you submit your profile: a specific group will be proposed for you to consider; you will be asked to pay the initiation/orientation fee; and you will be invited to attend an orientation session. If Alumni Forums are not yet available where you live, we will keep your profile on file and contact you again as soon as Alumni Forums are offered in your area.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Alumni Forums, click here.