HBS Alumni Forum Services


“My participation in Alumni Forums has impacted my success as CEO of my firm. Prior to joining Forum, I had few to no outlets for key insights, guidance, or ideas, to address the many singular challenges in my role. As most know, it is difficult if not impossible to have confidants inside the business. In addition, I need to maintain an objective, healthy and productive relationship with my Board, so am selective about information shared up, down and across my organization. That said, there are situations and challenges that benefit from peer input. Forum is the outlet for this."

Kerry Barrett, Evening Weekend MBA '12

People in our Alumni Forum group are authentic, and the confidentiality rules, help people open up and speak genuinely about the challenges they are facing.  This helps facilitate reaching a conclusion that is difficult to do with your board, your subordinates, or your peers.  It’s also helped me to have a more open leadership style.  If you’re reaching a stage of your career where you’re not clear how to develop to the next level, Alumni Forum is an excellent step."

James Issacs, MBA 1988 - Member, San Francisco Alumni Forum

"Forum members are my trusted “consiglieri” in some of the most sensitive situations.  When two factions on our board were at odds on an issue that could make or break the survival of the organization.  I was responsible to mediate and find a solution.  Tensions were running high, and no one was fully objective.  Forum was a safe place that helped me tease out the real issues and prepare for the political navigation.  The board found middle ground and our organization survived." 

Kate Stillwell, MBA 07 - Member, East Bay Alumni Forum

"The forum is my first reconnection with Haas since graduating and has allowed me to establish new networks in my own local area.  Preparing to present an issue to the Forum group has helped me better define the problem, including elucidating my own feelings about the situation.  Tapping into the insights of Forum members and receiving such support on a monthly basis has sharpened my active listening skills, improved my presentation presence, and broadened my problem-solving abilities."

Olivia Bloom, BS90 - Member, Silicon Valley Alumni Forum

"By sharing stories and ideas about personal challenges – caring for aging relatives, finding balance in personal relationships, getting involved with nonprofits – with people similarly situated in Silicon Valley, I’m more confident that the challenges I face are shared by others and are manageable.  I do everything I can to protect the monthly forum meetings on my calendar."

Adam Tachner, MBA08 - Member, Silicon Valley Alumni Forum

"Forum is about gaining perspective from people who I trust, who are truthful, and who commit to confidentiality. I can’t get this in any other place.”

Adam Berman (BS 1985), Forum Member, Berkeley-Haas Executive Director of Emerging Initiatives 

“Forum is about establishing a trusted community of business colleagues with whom we confidentially share experiences and develop a respect for each other that transforms each one of us to be better than we can be by ourselves.”

Steve Terusaki, Alumni Forum Member (Haas MBA 1989)

“Based on my own Forum experience over the last 15 years, I know that the Alumni Forum concept is perfect for business school alumni. What a great foundation for personal and professional growth! In my Forum I have established peer relationships that have helped me grow tremendously on a professional level while creating meaningful and enduring friendships -- and having a lot of fun in the process.”

Jonathan Slater (Entrepreneurs Organization Member)

“Members of my forum have helped me grow personally and professionally. The Forum process has also given me great communication tools to use in other areas of my life. I cannot imagine not being in Forum.”

Sam Sandler (YPO Member)

“My Forum experience with other Sloan Fellows has made me both a better leader and a better person. The ability to share experiences and benefit from peers who have my interests in mind is invaluable. My forum experience has also substantially enhanced my business school alumni experience.”

Jeff Behrens (Sloan Fellow)

“Forum has helped me in business in many ways.  It’s been a terrific resource for those hard multi-faceted decisions that involve money and markets but also people and reputation.  Forum training has also given me an additional set of communication skills around listening and getting to the core of an issue inside the company and with customers and vendors.”

John Macomber (YPO Member)

“The insights, openness, and wisdom of my Alumni Forum have influenced me greatly since I joined about a year ago, and I won't soon forget their comments, life philosophies, and impactful experiences.”

David Moeller (HBS Alumni Forum member)

“My forum goes far beyond just a group of people who share stories and meet once a month.  It is a sanctuary, a place where I am free to be myself, free to express my rawest thought and emotions and not be judged, and continually feel the support of all my group members in any and all situations.”

Anonymous Forum member

“The higher you go in a leadership role, the fewer opportunities you have to lean on peers for deliberation and problem solving, but continued success depends on it. If you have no other agenda than to reciprocally offer help and support, you will be amazed at how receptive others will be.”

Rick Smith, Entrepreneur and CNN commentator

“My Alumni Forum has helped me look at my life through a different lens. It allows me to take advantage of the unbiased experience and knowledge of others who have no dogs in the race. Our only goal is to help each other professionally and personally.”

Kal Bittianda, Harvard Business School Alumni Forum member

“My HBS Alumni Forum in Toronto is my most powerful asset in closing the gap between who I am today and who I can become.”

Wes Co, HBS General Manager Program, 2010