HBS Alumni Forum Services

What is an Alumni Forum?

Some people have said that being in a Forum is like having a personal board of directors or brain trust on their side. An Alumni Forum also has some of the elements that UC Berkeley Haas School of Business students experience in case study discussions and study groups. The Forum makes it possible to develop the kind of meaningful relationships that are extremely difficult for people to achieve once they leave school. Alumni Forums are self-managing by peer-selected moderators who follow a specified Forum protocol, with orientation principles, methods and ongoing support from Alumni Forum Services.

Alumni Forums start with a discussion of work-related issues, and members gain access to perspectives that inform their work lives. Personal issues are inevitably addressed as the group builds a trusting bond. Alumni Forums can discuss anything that is of interest to them, with members learning from one another's experiences in a collaborative, structured setting. They typically deal with a gamut of matters (e.g. the effects of the economic crisis on your business, aging parents and other family challenges or even such things as sudden success). A Forum offers you a safe, completely confidential environment for discussing the issues important to you.

Value Proposition for Haas School of Business Alumni

  • Forum is the vehicle for alumni to "live" the Four Defining Principles of Berkeley-Haas: Students Always; Question the Status Quo; Beyond Yourself; and Confidence without Attitude.
  • At its core benefit is the place where Haas alumni can come to be a Student Always.  Professional development and personal development learning comes with the Forum format that affords new perspectives on the most important challenges facing Forum members.
  • Supports the development of innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who Question the Status Quo as path-bending leaders committed to making a difference in the world.
  • Offers valuable professional development by going Beyond Yourself to provide peer support, just-in-time learning, and ongoing networking with fellow alumni.
  • Promotes meaningful dialogue that rests on the principle of Confidence without Attitude.
  • Brings to the Haas Alumni community a valuable program at a fraction of the cost of Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneurs' Organization, The Alternative Board, Alliance for Chief Executives, and Vistage.

Benefits to UC Berkeley Haas School of Business alumni

  • Supports UC Berkeley Haas School of Business’s mission to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world.
  • Offers valuable professional development to alumni (in the form of peer support, just-in-time learning and ongoing networking)
  • Adds to Berkeley-Haas value proposition the benefit most highly rated by members of the Young Presidents Organization and Entrepreneurs' Organization, at a fraction of the cost
  • Creates stronger bonds between and among alumni
Check out this article on how Alumni Forums provide confidential space to grow professionally and personally.  More information about the value of Forum, time and cost commitments, and other aspects of Forum process, is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page.